Augustine was born on November 13, 354 A.D., in the town of Thagaste, on the northern coast of Africa, in what is now Algeria. He wrote an autobiography entitled Confessions and my prayer is that this modern and abridged version will be an encouragement to you in your walk with Christ as well as bring glory to God for his magnificent mercy and grace.

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This edition of Augustine's Confessions is a modernized abridgement based on Albert C. Outler's translation. The language has been updated to modern English and it has been abridged to make it more accessible. 

Confessions was originally divided into thirteen books,  written in Latin between 397 and 400 AD. The work outlines Saint Augustine's sinful youth and his conversion to Christianity. Confessions is generally considered one of Augustine's most important texts and is widely seen as the first Western autobiography ever written. Professor Henry Chadwick wrote that Confessions will "always rank among the great masterpieces of western literature."